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Personal Injury Funding

personal injury funding
Certified Legal Funding’s personal injury funding provides you with the cash advance that you need now. Personal injury funding helps individuals with living expenses, hefty medical bills, and other financial obligations that may pile up while awaiting negotiations of a settlement due to a personal injury accident. We help carefully research your current situation to make sure that you are properly funded in the frustrating times of your pending settlement. We take the risk based on your case merits to make certain that you are set to avoid any financial struggles that typically develop during the period of time it takes to reach a personal injury lawsuit settlement.
Certified Legal Funding provides personal injury funding for both personal and work-related cases, and guess what – you pay only from the proceeds of your recovery from your personal injury settlement. If you don’t win your settlement, you don’t pay. Certified Legal Funding’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will help guide you in the proper direction for optimum financial management until your case is over. We make our services and funding easily available for clients without the hassles of having to deal with banks and loans. Whether it is personal, such as a car accident, or a work-related injury, Certified Legal Funding will make sure you receive what you need to meet your financial obligations.
Expenses during the time of your presettlement can become an unimaginable burden both mentally and financially. Having to pay additional bills aside from your regular monthly expenses can really put you in a tough place. It’s even more frustrating when you’re in such a predicament and it wasn’t even your fault to begin with. Regardless of whether it’s medical bills, car payments living expenses or any other bills that you’ve fallen behind on while negotiating your personal injury lawsuit, Certified Legal Funding can help get you back on track.
If you’ve been the victim of an unfortunate event due to someone else’s mistake, don’t let it inconvenience you financially. Get in touch with Certified Legal Funding and start receiving personal injury funding. Contact us today or fill out our free online application to get started!

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